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95 years ago: the beginning of our dream

On September 25, 1927, against Livorno, the Giallorossi played their first official match. They won 2-0 in front of 10 thousand fans at the Motovelodromo Appio

The handwritten gamesheet for Roma against Livorno, played on 25 September 1927

The handwritten gamesheet for Roma against Livorno, played on 25 September 1927

27 Settembre 2022 - 11:50

You never forget the first game. It is even more memorable if it is a victory. On September 25, 1927, 95 years ago, Roma played the first official match in its history, facing Livorno at home, at the "Motovelodromo Appio", on the first day of the Group B of Serie A - National Division.

For the occasion, transportation was enhanced to reach the facility, which within minutes of the opening whistle saw all the stands packed. About 10,000 people flocked to witness the true baptism of the team that bore the name, symbol and colors of the Rome. The kickoff whistle slipped about 45': not at 3 p.m., but at 3:45 p.m., due to a tanker truck getting stuck on the pitch. The mishap was solved, and the match began under the refereeing direction of Mr. Gama of Milan.

The challenge was balanced and the first half ended without goals. On the amaranth bench sat Pietro Piselli, a former Fortitudo coach who led Roma in the preseason together with Hungarian Ging, before the two gave way to William Garbutt. The Italian coach wanted to do well, but in the second half, he was forced to fall under the blows of Ferraris IV and his teammates. Spurred on by the enthusiasm of the crowd, the Giallorossi took the lead in the 58th minute with Ziroli. It was his first official goal in Roma's history. With 10' to go came Fasanelli's double, and who better than Cesare Augusto to usher in the team's journey to the Eternal City?

The victory thrilled the crowd, which would fill the stands of the Motovelodromo Appio in the competitions to follow. The victory officially kicked off a dream that - 95 years later - never stops making our hearts beat. "Roma will be able to aspire to good results," wrote the press in the aftermath. And it wrote it right, because already at the end of the first season in their history, the Giallorossi won a trophy, the Coppa Coni when they defeated Modena.

That first match with Livorno, however, had consequences. Following the delay of the whistle, the Tuscan club appealed, requesting that the result not be valid. According to the amaranthos, the match started 52 minutes late. They argued the regulations allow for a maximum of 45 minutes. In the end, however, on October 11, 1927, the Italian Technical Referee Committee rejected the Livorno complaint and the result was verified. It was the first success, but more importantly, the moment when our dream came to life.