There is a moment in Tirana where Pellegrini ran to hug Zaniolo who has just scored the goal that would hand the first Conference League in history to Roma, almost stops, clenches his fists, mills them and looks up, releasing his ecstasy. Then he starts running again. This is the moment in which Lorenzo exalted his personal jubilation before reconnecting with the world and going to hug Nicolò. This is that moment of intimate ecstasy that we have all experienced, each in our own way, turning our soul in a spontaneous direction before returning to play our own role in the world: to scream louder than thy neighbor and present ourselves on social media in a disguise that we like to flaunt to others. 

This is the moment that really unites us and is the real common denominator that binds millions of people to each other spiritually while remaining distant from each other physically. Although in a newspaper like this it would be legitimate to say that I don't want to fall to the temptation of saying we are more "this" or more "that" of the other fans, but we are "different''. There is no need for the Romanisti to understand this. Or ,maybe, yes. Just the fact that this one-of-a-kind newspaper has existed for almost 18 years, being the only one in the world of its kind, is enough to support this. Yet that reinterpretation in the modern society of the very Neapolitan "cry and fuck'', that is complaining about everything regardless if things are not actually so bad, for a while seemed to make its way in the ranks of supporters historically immune to certain viruses.

The globalization of typhus had led us to believe that the Romanisti were no longer those who loved Roma and instead they were only historical contingencies. It's true, they tried to separate us with stupid sub-factions by finding fertile ground for a while in the delicate soul of a fan who sees others win, in the wicked choices of various managers and owners who ruined, undeniably, team virtuosity with ostentation teetering on the edge of masochism, in the darkness of the pandemic or in the superficial interpretations of certified champions or talented coaches on the field. 

Then there was an astral reunion where each star returned to its place, aligned under the sign of Mourinho. What happened this season is what we have tried to encapsulate in this 192-page book, plus covers, but it is difficult to encapsulate all that this season has meant. There is still a lot of love out there that we are trying to convey to Il Romanista with a "different'' kind of communication.  

Thank you to the support of the publisher and the Roma fans themselves. Anyone who has not yet made the same choice to support us, can join the project and buy a share. We are a group that grows more and more passionate. We are a peacekeeping army in the stadiums, in the squares, in the streets. We are the "sea of Rome". Come join us.