Mr. Pallotta, don't turn off, just turn down the volume

AS Roma Chairman, AS Roma talking-radios and the “other” frequencies of AS Roma fans

02 Marzo 2018 - 17:12

What a pain. Another comment from the US without anyone feeling the need for it. It only serves this form of social-media voyeurism that pretends to know it all just for the sake to exist. "I want to see now!". What do you want to see? What do you want to read? The subject is pretty straight forward, and any form of generalisation is wrong. Distinctions are always essential, they make a difference between a thoughtful point of view and a superficial one. It is not right, especially for the ones working in a radio station or in a newspaper, who tries everything possible to maintain their independence from the editor. It is not right, it goes without saying. What Pallotta said, about hoping the radios go bankrupt is not a smart move. It's not elegant. It's rude. You can pick any adjective you want and use it, it is suitable. However, saying that, I believe that any sentient-being can agree. There is not much to say about this. There is something else to say though.

It is about everything that goes beyond words.what's their consequence. Through those statements, everyone that use a strumental form of communication against AS Roma (and there is plenty) will wallow. It's like sorting out the table before a grand meal, inviting your mates, and toast to the new umpteenth American declarations which will be used to fill programs, newspaper articles and the likes. Similar statements help those whose only mission of their profession is to throw shit, not only mud, at AS Roma (on this specific issue Pallotta could have raised his voice). It's not about pluralism, because nowadays where everyone can say anything, there is always the chance that something un-pc could be thrown-in especially from the pc-brigade (and it is not always appropriate to follow that  infamous sentence "Baci Perugina style"  from Miss Hall,that was wrongly attributed to Voltaire "I disapprove of what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it", because if you slander me or if you make up things, to be honest, I do not see any reason to follow that liberal principle).

Those statements, Mr President, give strength to the ones you want to battle. Beside that they manage to polarize the fight between the "Pallotta's fans" and the "Pallotta-beggar" brigade, between those ones that believe they are superior to the crowd and the ones that feel nostalgic towards a feeling that they believe has been mortified. And they do this by accusing each other on the social networks. This modern society reflect the petty times we are living in, it does not believe in intellectual honesty and true freedom, and if it does not want to resign itself to "bigmouth low quality talks", there is the need to fly high.

Set up the example. From yesterday those ones that said that Baldissoni is a lazio fan, those ones that did not deliberately report what AS Roma really did to remove the barriers in the terraces, those ones that have forgotten the battle that AS Roma did against the privilege card (only club in Italy), the ones that do not want to remember who took Agostino Di Bartolomei back to his home in Trigoria, or deliberately forget the fact that AS Roma now allows all ex-players, even the ones that played just 1 minute for the club, to get in for free at the match, has reopened Tre Fontane training ground, has created an historical archive that did not exist before, has brought back the original AS Roma colours on the strip, etc…now they are all more powerful. Everyone will see just the things that currently do not work, and because there are quite a few (especially at the moment),

To see today all those people raising to the role of freedom fighters for the press, the same ones that instrumentally can't wait till AS Roma loses a game, is the obvious consequence of those statements.and it does not matter that at the end, it was just you showing off (I do not believe that 2 radio were closed). Words count, especially their consequences. They count to AS Roma. and only AS Roma is important. I do not even think that normal supporters are even bothered. Supporters, I believe - being one of them - are bothered about other things: AS Roma not winning for example, or the fact that now alibis can be created. Because unfortunately the so-called roman-environment does exist, but AS Roma has to be stronger than that. Because the story of AS Roma has not been said rightly – not by everyone and not always, and not in the same way - but if AS Roma does not win is not because the radios. That they even surivived that early 80s song "Video killed the radio star". That stars that interest us are on the pitch and, for the romantic ones,  up in the sky (for a European cup evening). Also because for the real supporters, for the ones that love AS Roma, the ones that - trust me - sing for her, following AS Roma everywhere, or even if they stay home on their couch, if AS Roma losts they suffer.

Those fans have already switch off the radios. All of them. They even wrote it on banners at the stadium, more than once. And those fans represent the "radio  frequencies" you have to listen to and follow. Turn the radio knob. Listen to those frequencies: they are the ones that interest us (the ones of "voglio solo star con te"). Listen to the ones that say that, for example, 40 euros for the south/north stand are too much. That one is the bankrupt that we would like to avoid. Don't turn off, just turn down the volume. Anything but Voltaire.