AS Roma published new Nike's home jersey for the 2018/19 season

In recent days Roma published the 12 best designs of Roma jerseys created by users of social networks. The kit designers: "Roma has opened a breach"

La Redazione
11 Maggio 2018 - 09:25

AS Roma published the images of the new Nike's home jersey for the 2018/19. Here are the first shots of the new kit:

Here is the video posted by AS Roma on Twitter:

In reality, in recent days we reported the "media revolution" proposed by AS Roma, that published the 12 best designs of Roma jerseys created by users of social networks. An initiative that kit designers really appreciated.

«Roma has opened a breach». Graphic and kit designer, Alberto Mariani, does not use half measures commenting on the initiative, launched by the Twitter account in English language of Roma, to share a series of amateur prototypes of Yellow-Red jerseys and to submit them to the public judgement.

Alberto, also known on the social networks as Rupertgraphic, is one of the 12 designers presented by this tweet: «Ahead of the launch of ASRoma's 2018-19 Nike home shirt, long-time website contributor Forza27 has curated 12 of the best fan-designed Giallorossi concept kits». Forza27 is the name of a website and a Twitter account, property of Ed Moynihan, an Irish Roma supporter who designs, publishes and collects on his own portal prototypes of Giallorossi's jerseys and graphics dedicated to Roma and other teams.

Moynihan tells us about the initiative: «Paul Rogers, the head of the digital area of AS Roma, wanted to organize a "week of the Jersey" on social networks, approaching the launch of the new jersey».

In fact. Roma will wear the Jersey 2018-19 against Juventus, but they have already published some images on the official website, as reported above. Ed continues: «It is very rare that a high-level club engages us in this kind of initiatives: they are doing a great job, I dare say revolutionary, using new tools to interact with the fans».

Alberto Mariani is even more enthusiastic: «In 24 hours they have broken down a barrier that the football teams have held up for years. The amateur kit-design has existed for a long time, there are specialized sites and a community that talks about this subject on the social media, but until today it had remained submerged. I did propose to some Serie A clubs to do this, but no one had ever dared to do it. The problem is that many clubs and brands are annoyed by those who "put their hands" to the jerseys without asking permission. They do not understand that football clubs themselves can take advantage of it: look at Roma, for example. After having published those 12 amateur designs, now everyone is drawing the Giallorossi shirt in the hope of being published: a huge brand operation».

«In addition, opening up to us, kit designers, is also worthwhile to the brands», continues Rupertgraphic, «If you want, now Nike has ideas for the next five years, with all the Giallorossi shirts' prototypes it has collected. Finally, the one put in place on the social networks of Roma in these days is a real cultural operation: with the history of the sponsors, the quiz on the details of the uniforms, the survey on the best Nike shirt and the collection of match worns, Roma keeps alive the culture and history of the Roma shirts. At the same time, the public's preferences are explored, although the professionals are always the ones who draw the design of the jerseys. So congratulations to AS Roma».

Obviously, our prototype was the best so far, perhaps a bit too "classic". We are waiting for AS Roma's check with VAR: