Matteo Cancellieri: who is the ballboy who suffered a red card foul

He plays as forward in the Roma U-16 trained by Gianluca Falsini, from the locker room he stated "Ferreyra wanted to apologize for that act"

14 Marzo 2018 - 18:12

The attack wing of Roma U-16 suffered a red card foul, in a Champions League match, without even take the field. Matteo Cancellieri, born in Rome on 12/02/2002, offensive player of the team trained by Gianluca Falsini, working yesterday as ballboy as many of his teammates, was pushed by Facundo Ferreyra, who threw him upside down at the 80° minute, when the match was still stationary between the red card to Ordets, who denied a clear occasion to Dzeko, and Kolarov's free-kick, that ended against Shakhtar's wall that probably was too close. 

Maybe the Spanish referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco, having just extracted the red card to the number 18, did not want to expel also the number 19, giving just a yellow card: a nice present for the Italian-Argentinian forward, who could avoid the TV-prove, because the episode was already judged from the referee's triad and it cannot be judged again

AS Roma players suddenly ran to protest, the stadium exploded, and a brawl started between the two teams. "No way we can accept this - Alessandro Florenzi commented at the end of the match - but I also want to congratulate myself with our ballboys: they were really good, thanks to them I remembered when I was a ballboy".

"Facundo called me in the locker room - Alisson stated - he knows he made a mistake, and he told me to give his apologize to the ballboy". The guy was taken by the stretcher and brought to the infirmary: he suffered a bump to the knee, he was treated with ice and then sent home. Nothing serious: he went home on his legs and his presence on Sunday he wouldn't be in doubt. He will face Crotone with his U-16 team, just like the first team. 

Later, Shakhtar's forward sent publicly his apologize through a message on his Instagram profile, following the distensive message made by the young ballboy: "Just an act of anger of a player. He's human too!" he wrote on an Instagram story.