We're in Casal Palocco in Rome to meet Arma Dzeko, Edin's wife. She spoke about her special relationship with the city of Rome, about her social commitment in Bosnia-Herzegovina and about some Dzeko's family stories:

"For me it's a duty to help others. I want to be a voice for the Bosnian people, especially for sick children. I'm working with a foundation called "Heart for Children" for cancer patient and we are involved in two projects that have been very successful. One is called "My hair, your hair", in this project we invite people, young girls, women, men to donate their hair to make wigs for children with cancer.

The first time I cut my own hair and I'm waiting to do it again. I still don't have white hair a I never colored it, luckily! There are two conditions to participate: having hair at least 35 cm long and 100% natural hair. We have organized other events in different cities and during the whole year the people send hair by mail.

They're interested in the event for all year and they wait for the next one. Last year there was a big event in Sarajevo, there were so many young girls with long hair who never cut their hair and we know how important the hair are for 14- or 15-years old girls and they were happy to donate and make other children happy. This is a beautiful thing.

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The second project is called "The Parent's House". It's a facility in Sarajevo: parents of sick children who come from outside can stay there so they can be close to their children while they're in treatment. Now we're making a second house in Tuzla, two hours from Sarajevo.

I'm very proud of the Bosnia people because everyone makes themselves available to help. It's very important to speak about that because everyone can do something. These parents have to know that they are not alone and it's very important to meet them, talk with them. Together we can make thing easier.

Our family loves Roma and the team. I know that Roma fans love me because they think the decision to stay here was mine, but it wasn't my decision. On two occasions he could move to Chelsea or Inter but we are fine in Rome. We make decision together, but in the end Edin decides about his career. At home we live football 24h a day, we watch every football match. Football is Edin's greatest passion and we all live it too".