"Everyone’s cup" and the sense of Roma

The Conference League cup was presented to the emotional blind people of ASDD Roma 2000 at a dedicated event. The trophy is ours: touch it to believe it

PUBBLICATO DA Leonardo Frenquelli
20 Giugno 2022 - 12:40

"This cup is ours, it belongs to everyone of us!". This phrase describes the closeness between a team and its fans. It is a statement that captures the sense of Roma. These words belong to Michela, a visually impaired Roma fan, which she said after touching the Conference League cup last Friday. Michela is the same girl who recited Totti's farewell speech by heart back in 2019, surprising even Totti himself. Michela now plays for the women's team of ASDD Roma 2000, an association that promotes and develops sports for the visually impaired. At the Studios in via Tiburtina, Michela and all the boys and girls on ASDD's football "five-a-side"  teams shot a video to post on social media where they touched the same trophy that Pellegrini lifted up in Tirana's sky not even a month ago. The boys' and girls' excitement about getting their hands on that cup is what Roma is all about.

"Since they couldn't see it, they embraced it - Sauro Cimarelli, the technical manager of ASDD Roma 2000, told us - I noticed their appreciation for this opportunity from the way they placed their hands on the trophy. I felt something special in the studio room, too; when the boys caressed the cup, the audience remained silent. They all lived that moment as if they were touching together". The ASDD is one of the associations that Roma invited to the cup parade that started from Garbatella and passed through Testaccio and Tiburtina. Mourinho defined the Conference League cup as the "people's" trophy, and it is to those People that Roma is now bringing back the symbol of one of the most important successes in its history; a success that invoked intense emotions like those from Michela.

Bring it back to the people

The cup's tour is Roma's way to thank their fans for their continuous support and is another testament of the team's closeness to its people. The cup is exhibited in a display case where all the associations, amateur teams and entities that have been a part of the club's social commitment during the last season can admire it. From little Sirio and his mother with the Tetrabondi Association, to the Roma Calcio Amputati and all the way to the Roma Clubs that helped the team by supporting the needy during the pandemic or by opening their own venues for vaccinations and collection of goods for Ukraine. This cup is really for all Romanisti.