The magical nights of Roma's Japan tour

The Giallorossi's journey as seen through the eyes of our correspondent. A fan's tale and his six days between "Casa Roma" and friendly matches

Our correspondent Norikazu Sato together with Candela at Casa Roma

Our correspondent Norikazu Sato together with Candela at Casa Roma

03 Dicembre 2022 - 12:56

Six unforgettable days with the Giallorossi. "Magical Nights. For those who have already been to the Olimpico, for those who watched the match against FC Tokyo 14 years earlier, but also for those who have not yet been to Rome and are dreaming of going. For all Japanese Roma fans, these six days, from the team's arrival at the airport to the match against Yokohama, were truly exciting and unforgettable. 

Roma landed at Haneda Airport on November 23rd, a public holiday in Japan. Sadly, the fans who flocked there were unable to welcome the team, who were ushered out through a side exit. But their disappointment did not last long. At "Casa Roma," the space entirely dedicated to Roma that had been inaugurated just the day before in the Shibuya district, an event was immediately held in which Mancini and Spinazzola were surprisingly present, to the delight of the many families and children present. On the 24th, there was another exclusive event at the Fendi boutique in Ginza, attended by a delegation from the Giallorossi consisting of Zaniolo, Smalling, Svilar, Mancini, Spinazzola and Pellegrini. The players turned into models for a day and showed off their best smiles on the eve of the match against Nagoya Grampus.

On the 25th, Roma fans from all over Japan gathered at Toyota Stadium. Many Italians were present and, incredibly, a group of Finns as well. The match against Nagoya had few emotions and ended with no goals. Despite this, to be able to hear "Roma Roma" and "Never alone never" and to be able to see the Giallorossi live at the stadium was an immense and incredible joy. It was a unique experience for everyone. 

The next day, a meeting with Vincent Candela was held at Casa Roma, where the former Giallorossi player talked about his wonderful memories at Roma, especially those with Hidetoshi Nakata and Francesco Totti. In the evening, the fans received a beautiful gift from the team: a training session open to the public. It was a surprise event, just before Japan's match in the World Cup, but many people flocked to it, showing their great love for Roma, which was bigger than their love for the Japanese national team. The fans were able to watch the training from the stands and on the sidelines. What’s even better is that, by shouting out the players' names, they were also able to get their autographs.


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And finally, on November 28th, the last big event of the tour in Japan took place: the match against the defending J League champion team, the Yokohama Marinos, in Tokyo, a city twinned with the city of Rome. There were lots of choruses and cheers, even before the match began. Even for the Tokyo fans, being able to sing "Roma Roma" at the stadium was a great thrill. Roma finished the first half down by two goals, but in the second half, Nicolò Zaniolo showed all his qualities as a true champion. He played with great determination and scored a beautiful goal. The match ended in a draw, as it did against Nagoya, but the fans were still very satisfied, having been able to see the goals of the Giallorossi. 

In recent years, Covid has alienated the beautiful country from the Rising Sun, and many Japanese have had to give up going to see matches in Rome. Roma's long-awaited tour certainly exceeded the expectations of all these fans, making them fall even more in love with the Giallorossi colors.